V2XE – An Emulator based Test Solution for V2X Testing

Tata Elxsi’s V2X Emulator is a comprehensive Test Solution for V2X testing. It has an equipment set-up which is capable of generating real-time RF and CAN signals, and can be closely related to real-world scenarios,


Vision Statement

Tata Elxsi has envisioned a comprehensive and customizable Test Solution for asserting road safety in a V2X environment by creating a virtual simulation of real-world inside a lab.


Why V2X Emulator

High Cost

Connected car testing involves huge costs in setting up test tracks and real vehicles

Scenario Repeatability

Creation of all possible traffic scenarios a challenge exercise in real world

Safety Concerns

Dangerous to create collision scenarios at high speed on difficult terrains

Spectrum Availability

Non-availability of specific spectrum for civilian use becomes a deterrent to testing on real roads

Simulation of High Traffic

Creation of high density traffic scenarios is financially unviable and practically challenging



V2X Emulators address the possible challenges which might occur during real-world field testing. Performing a emulator based testing before Field Testing would significantly improve the testing in terms of Cost, Time and Quality.

Real-Time Emulation

Real-time scenario emulation on embedded platform, capable of emulating upto 50 cars using a single DSRC hardware platform

Wireless Channel Integration Emulation

Integrated with wireless channel emulator enabling customers to model channel impairments such as Doppler, Multipath fading etc.

Real Road Topologies

Integrated with Google Maps and OSM for emulating road traffic conditions

In-vehicle CAN Network Emulation

Integrated with CAN simulator to emulate in-vehicle CAN network for the Device Under Test (DUT)

Real GPS Emulation

Integrated with GNSS simulator to emulate real GPS signals for the Device Under Test (DUT)

Security Testing

Testing against Sybil attacks, Time elapsed certificates, Data playback, Data alteration and GNSS Spoofing

Multiple Standards Supported

Tata Elxsi's V2X emulator supports both ITS-G5 and WAVE standards

User Friendly GUI

Complex scenarios can be created through an intuitive UI without the need to write complex test scripts


V2X Emulator Test Setup

The equipment setup is capable of replicating real-world scenarios by generating real RF signals


Business Benefits

Tata Elxsi's V2X Emulator offers various business benefits in terms of Cost, Time and Quality


Significant reduction in Field testing costs

Saves logistical costs associated with field testing


Faster time-to-market as it reduces Field testing efforts

Reduces time taken for Field testing to a great extent


Comprehensive test coverage w.r.t signal strength, terrain and channel conditions

Can be tested for ECU performance, assuring the quality of the solution being tested


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Our Partnership

Tata Elxsi has partnered with Spirent Communications to build the V2X Emulator. Spirent is a leading Test and Measurement OEM based out of United Kingdom and operates across the globe.

An Evaluation version of Tata Elxsi's V2X Emulator is available free of cost for a period of 30 days. You can reach out to us for availing the free license.

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