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Android TV – Need of the hour for Video Service Providers

TVs these days are becoming smarter, enabling customers to download apps and view them on a larger screen, ensuring a better experience. There are substantial customer engagement and monetization opportunity for operators by broadening their service offerings to include games, apps, and OTT content on TVs.

Android TV gives operators the flexibility and control to build the next-generation gateway into homes – driven with video as the primary application – and an open middleware strategy, enabling much faster rollouts of operator specific services. AndroidTV brings in the right ecosystem with access to Google Play store and thousands of ready applications.

Customer Testimonial


“Google Widevine is delighted to select Tata Elxsi as a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner. Tata Elxsi’s strong ecosystem in the PayTV Broadcast and OTT markets will help to widen the adoption of our Widevine CAS solutions by customers. Effective and timely implementation will secure distribution and protect content playback on any consumer device, thus ensuring continuous revenue generation for operators”
- Brian Baker, Senior Director and the Head of Widevine at Google


As a consulting, systems integration and deployment partner, Tata Elxsi offers complete lifecycle management solutions for AndroidTV based service deployments. This includes hardware assessment, software development, custom feature additions, certification and deployment support with maintenance.

We offer expert assistance to balance the benefits of the Android TV platform with the necessary control of operations and custom business models relevant to the region and specific market.




Accelerator components to fast track deployments

Operator Tier Launcher

Android TV is evolving as a primary platform of set-top box by carrying diverse content and powerful user experience with its embedded Google TV Services (GTVS) and Google Assistant features.

Tata Elxsi provides operator-tier Android TV solutions to pay-TV service providers and helps them rev up the engagement with users and create value by allowing operators to:

  • Own, control, and manage the user experience
  • Re-use majority of Android TV features
  • Add new features


Ready OTA Component for Faster Deployment

TVs and STBs receive frequent software updates, which needs to be performed without wiping the user data. The end-users also expect operators to come up with innovative differentiating features for an immersive viewing experience.

Tata Elxsi offers OTA solutions which are highly robust, scalable and customisable to suit operator requirements.

  • Promo management
  • User management portal
  • Firmware/ app updates and scheduling algorithm
  • Deployment with load balancing and DP replication
  • Integration services


Unified Platform for Test Automation and Monitoring logo

Tata Elxsi's FalconEye is an integrated test automation suite which enables operators to reduce the turnaround time to test & deploy Android TV services for their customers.

FalconEye emulates varied network scenario to analyze and improve ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) performance and address QoE issues before release gates.

  • 200,000+ Test cases driven annually
  • 500,000+ Hours/ 100+ Channels monitored
  • Firmware/ App updates and scheduling algorithm
  • Integrated with Google Cloud Platform - Anvato

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Discussion on Predictive Analytics
in Automation and Video QoE


Cognitive Video Services Platform

Video platform is a versatile intelligent video analytics solution with image tagging as its core feature aimed to offer insights to improve customer experience and generate newer avenues of monetization.

Hyper Personalization
  • Catch Up TV content generation as per user profile and preference
  • Rich features to cater to choices of personalized security and surveillance requirements (e.g. gait and pose analysis, face based feature enablement etc.)
  • Cabin comfort adjustments and monitoring based on user emotion and sentiments


Higher Revenue Generation – By monetizing archived content
  • Automated data annotation (Training data sets for autonomous cars )
  • User defined content curation for broadcasters (e.g. highlights generation, video summarization)
  • Event specific anomaly detection for smart surveillance


  • When cognition is offloaded to AI we can achieve a higher level of automation allowing overall increase in productivity
  • Fits very well with the new age automation drive powered by AI

Customizable CMS suitable for Android TV

Tata Elxsi’s Content Management System (CMS) is designed to manage digital content and services for Android TV – in the cloud and on-premises

Manage massive content catalogues, multiple languages and multiple regions in a single interface with automated workflows for SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and Live video streaming scenarios, and benefit from the high-efficiency and fast task-handling.


Tata Elxsi partnered with Airtel’s DTH service arm – Airtel Digital TV, to deliver an engaging digital platform for customers.

As part of the partnership, Tata Elxsi offered an end-to-end solution, right from design, development, integration of critical software components to testing. This solution ensured that the Android TV application suite would provide a seamless user experience, whether the viewer accesses online or offline content, eliminating the hassle of connecting multiple devices to one’s TV.

An OTA (Over the Air) upgrade module, a smart UI, customized Android TV launcher and software optimizations were included to future-proof the service.

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