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Integrating Design & Digital

Integrating Design & Digital

To create new opportunities to impact customer experience and drive growth

Tata Elxsi is amongst the world’s leading providers of design and technology services across industries including Automotive, Broadcast, Communications, Healthcare, and Transportation.

Tata Elxsi is helping customers reimagine their products and services through design thinking and the application of digital technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud, Mobility, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Story

Technology + Design

Technology + Design

Tata Elxsi commenced its business on 5th May 1989 in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, to develop and promote applications of electronics, embedded systems, and software. The Mission was to foster innovation in the fast-emerging IT market and accelerate the adoption of leading-edge technologies. Today, Tata Elxsi is recognized as a premium engineering service provider worldwide and amongst the leaders in the automotive, media, broadcast, communications, and healthcare industries.

Tata Elxsi brings together the best technology and user-centric design expertise to help customers deliver innovative solutions and great consumer experiences. Our integrated Design and Technology teams help enterprises reimagine their products and services – from strategy, consumer research and insights, to service and experience design, technology implementation, integration, launch, and beyond. 

At Tata Elxsi we work closely with customers - right from advanced R&D in new technology and system architecture exploration to actual development, validation, and deployment. This includes emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), cloud, smart mobility, and artificial intelligence. Thereby creating new opportunities for businesses to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and deliver new services to their consumers.

This is supported by world-class product development processes and methodologies that have been evolved and matured over the last 30 years along with a global ecosystem of partners, design studios, that support access to the latest technology, tools and help drive faster time-to-market for our customers.

Message from Our Managing Director & CEO 

Manoj Raghavan, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Elxsi

A global company committed to creating a positive impact.

We are poised at the beginning of a new era in humankind’s history, where technologies such as robotics, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IoT are enabling completely new products, services, and interactions, in ways never seen before. While these technologies bear great promise, they also generate enormous complexity both in creating and using these new products and services. Tata Elxsi is in a growth industry where the demand for design and technology services continues to expand. Consumers are demanding simpler, meaningful experiences from products and services, and businesses will need to refine the complexity of underlying technologies and make them easy and simple to use. Tata Elxsi has invested in key digital technologies over the past few years, and this complements our integrated technology and design service offerings, helping us create greater value for our customers across industries.

Manoj Raghavan, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Elxsi

How We Work

An organization’s success and long-term sustainability lie in its people and culture.

Tata Elxsi prides itself on having built its culture on the three pillars of equal opportunity and diversity, meritocracy and collaboration, and continued learning.

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to a multi-generational and multi-cultural global workforce irrespective of race, color, religion, sex, origin, disability, or status. We work hard to integrate the Tata group’s founding values in working with and serving the local communities we operate in, going beyond local regulations and laws. We pride ourselves on integrating a global workforce from across 20+ countries, and 26% of our employees are women - among the highest in our technology and engineering intensive industry.

We have built processes and performance management systems that support and reinforce the culture of meritocracy and recognizing and rewarding performance. This has helped us motivate and retain talent, reflected in the best retention rate in our industry.


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