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Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

Machine learning-enabled solutions are being significantly adopted by industries worldwide to enhance customer experience, ROI and to gain a competitive edge in business operations. Machine learning is the key to developing highly intelligent and integrated solutions to truly take advantage of the data, go beyond proof of concept and develop scalable solutions.

The machine learning solutions market is expected to reach USD 8.81 billion by 2022. Furthermore, machine learning and advanced analytics applications in various industries are projected to develop exponentially shortly. Some of the major driving factors for the market are emerging technological advancements and the introduction of frameworks and methods for machine learning and advanced analytics.

Service Offerings

Cognitive video analytics, Conversational AI, Advanced data analytics, Edge AI Solutions, and Robotics.

Cognitive Video Services

Tata Elxsi provides a one stop solution for video cognition exclusively designed for industry, which uses a complex web of several deep learning models working in tandem to deliver accurate results for content curation, moderation & generation.

Conversational AI

Tata Elxsi helps customers with their digital transformation by offering Natural Language Processing services, which enable context-aware smart assistants, social media analytics, personal assistants, and other applications using structured and unstructured data analytics.

Advance Data Analytics

Tata Elxsi offers advanced data analytics services to customers through neural network-based analytics for pattern recognition, statistical correlation, predictive & diagnostic analytics, & user profiling or segmentation.

Edge AI Solutions

Tata Elxsi Edge AI services enable customers in bridging the gap between resource-hungry AI and resource-constrained embedded devices through different approaches for running AI modules on limited space while maintaining the same accuracy levels for the application​


Tata Elxsi robotics services and solutions empower our customers for accelerating autonomous & intelligent robot adoption in different industries such as transportation, healthcare, and smart home devices through combination of data analytics, machine learning, and hardware expertise.

The Road Ahead

Emerging Technology Adoptions, Partnerships and Media updates

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