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SDN/SD-WAN Services


SDN/SD-WAN Services

SDN/SD-WAN Services




Customer-oriented Application, Services, and Service Platforms rollout with SDN technology. Providing single pane of glass for the end to end network orchestration and reduces time to market for new services. 


Remote work force and home office collaborations has brought a enormous surge of voice, video and data traffic and thereby increase in low latency bandwidth needs. This has further accelerated the need to transform traditional WAN into software-defined policy-based, application-aware virtualized routing solutions.


This has enabled seamless movement of data and applications across a hybrid-cloud environment. This also offers a single pane of glass for the end to end network orchestration and reduces time to market for new services

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

SD-WAN as a technology based on Gartner report 2019 is at the Slope of Enlightenment and it will reach its peak over the next 2 to 5 years. 

SD-WAN which is inherently software centric, brings in complexity in modelling and deploying the services. 


While implementing SDWAN the following challenges must be considered 

1. Backward Compatibility – Interoperability with legacy devices must be addressed.

2. Architecture consideration - Service providers can opt for the deployment of SD-WAN orchestrator along with SD-WAN controller either centralized or based on a hierarchical model depending on the scale of the services.

3. Design – Integration layer needs to be designed to unite the Legacy IT systems with SD-WAN solution

4. Updation –  Decisions on already deployed SD-WAN solutions, may need to evolve and adapt to the modern SD-WAN trends like SASE.  

5. Maintenance – As the technology is getting evolved, post-deployment of SD-WAN solution and services requires a Next Gen Managed Services


Service Framework

SDN/SD-WAN Services

System Integration & Certification

  • High-level design for integrating Software from various disparate vendors.
  • BluePrint Design for Business Process Workflow
  • E2E Certification until pre-production 
  • Test Simulators
  • Support for Triaging across vendors 

Deployment & Maintenance

  • Deployment & Post Deployment Support – L1, L2
  • Triaging & Scaling
  • Maintenance & Support 
  • Traditional N/W Operations and management

Technology Consulting

  • Selection & Customization of the SDWAN solution based on the customer requirements.
  • Certification - feature/design gap analysis, solve engg and design problems
  • Deployments – TE’s Enterprise Integration Layer ( API Gateway, IDM, ESB) for integrating with IT (OSS BSS) subsystems


Tata Elxsi offers below mentioned set of accelerators that can help an operator to rollout SDWAN Services in a reliable & faster manner

  • Automated Test  Framework
  • Pre-fabricated  Test Suite 
  • Customer LAN Simulation
  • SD-WAN Scalability Test Solutions
  • Enterprise Integration Layer (IT+N/W)

Empowered with the mentioned  accelerators, the below aspects also makes Tata Elxsi a preferred partner to implement SD-WAN frameworks 

  • Offering professional services expertise spanning the last 25 years
  • Deep technology understanding and deployment expertise across the globe across wired and wireless network infrastructures 
  • Unique Business Models customized for maximum benefits and revenue opportunities

Benefits to the Customer

  • New Customer-oriented Application, Services, and Service Platforms can be launched with lesser complexity  
  • Faster deployment and onboarding of new processes in a scalable and reliable fashion 
  • Operators & ISV's will have better control over the E2E Network infrastructure 
  • New ways to design, build and operate networks providing superior end customer experience
  • Deployment, Testing, and integration  complexity gets reduced compared to conventional methods


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