Bluetooth Accessory for Hearing Impaired

Bluetooth Accessory for Hearing Impaired

The Customer:

One of the leading device manufacturers from USA

Project Description & Scope:

  • Complete product design including hardware, software, enclosure & mechanical design
  • This product is meant for hearing impaired people who want to use mobile phones with hearing aid device. It was difficult to hear properly so they used to raise the volume
  • To overcome this difficulty, a phone/handheld device with Bluetooth capability is paired with the BT Streamer and NFMI was used for communication between hearing aid and BT streamer
  • The device (example mobile phone) which does not support Bluetooth Line-in feature can be used range for NFMI is 1 meter & Bluetooth range supports 10 meters

The Solution:

  • Complete product design & development
    • IDE, Plastic
    • Hardware/ Software/ Firmware
    • Manufacturing of first 150 devices
    • Pre-compliance
    • Secondary package
  • BT profiles support

    Business Benefit:

    • Experienced team in the handheld devices domain, improving overall product features by taking complete ownership of the product
    • Faster time-to-market for product launch
    • Achieved BOM target and also extended manufacturing support
    • Minimal overhead due to design plus engineering under one roof
    • A fixed-cost engagement in the rapid-product prototyping development helped the customer keep risks under control