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Publication Name: Cxo Today
Date: May 15, 2024

Driving Innovation Forward: Celebrating National Technology Day 2024

Driving Innovation Forward: Celebrating National Technology Day 2024

Explore the dynamic landscape of technological innovation as we commemorate National Technology Day 2024. From groundbreaking advancements to transformative solutions, join us in celebrating the power of technology to shape our future and drive progress across industries.

Biswajit Biswas, Chief Data Scientist, Tata Elxsi

"India’s tech potential isn’t just waiting to be realised; it is already in motion. AI technologies are driving unprecedented change across industries worldwide. At Tata Elxsi, we are using AI to change the game in transportation, healthcare, telecom, and broadcast media. From self-driving cars to personalised healthcare, our focus is on real-world solutions that make a difference. But it’s not just about the technology; it’s about how it improves everyday life. Whether it is keeping you connected or entertaining you with tailored content, AI-powered innovations are all about enhancing experiences. We believe in the power of technology to drive positive change and open new possibilities. By harnessing the potential of AI, we are not just shaping the future of India’s tech landscape; we are shaping a better, more inclusive world for all."

Anup Purohit, Chief Information Officer, Wipro Limited

“India’s youth today is brimming with potential; these young minds are beginning to actively engage with complex scientific concepts and drive progress in areas like AI and cloud. We are witnessing this first hand at Wipro and in the larger society around us. This enthusiasm, curiosity, and willingness to explore and experiment is shaping a vibrant ecosystem where scientific innovation can thrive.

As a leader with a sizeable team comprising young and nimble minds, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to cultivate this potential through mentorship and guidance. At Wipro, our commitment extends beyond mentorship, we believe in the power of continuous investment in our people. Our ai360 ecosystem, backed by a billion-dollar investment, empowers our talent pool and helps them navigate the intricacies of an ever evolving technology landscape.

In technology (particularly in AI), data analytics, cyber security, and digital transformation lies the power to revolutionise businesses and economies alike. Acknowledging this, it becomes essential to strategically channel and focus our resources on fostering the skills and capabilities of our youth. This is crucial for driving sustainable socio-economic development and shape the future of technology in India.”

Dr. Selvakumaran Mannappan, COO at Birlasoft

“The rapid evolution of AI has sparked a revolutionary transformation across various industries we cater to. We’re transitioning from conventional methods to dynamic, AI-driven solutions that enhance efficiency and transform customer experiences. The pace of AI innovation is accelerating, reshaping industries, streamlining operations, and empowering quicker, data-driven decision-making. While AI has been in existence for decades, we’re currently witnessing an unprecedented surge in its capabilities and practical real-world applications. According to a recent IBM survey, over 40% of enterprises have already integrated AI, and an additional 40% are actively considering its adoption across different business functions.

Today’s AI systems excel in aiding complex data analysis, predictive modelling, and decision making, effectively complementing human intelligence, and enabling employees to work smarter. Notably, AI is democratizing access to specialized expertise across various industries, allowing a wider range of businesses and individuals to leverage advanced analytics and insights.

Moreover, to thrive in this AI-driven era, it’s crucial to nurture skills like data literacy, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. At Birlasoft, we recognize AI’s transformative potential and are committed to investing in these cutting-edge technologies to deliver intelligent solutions that drive innovation for our clients. Our vision is to responsibly harness the power of AI while promoting a culture of continuous learning within our organization.”

EY GDS – Gaurav Rai, Assurance Automation Leader, EY Global Delivery Services India LLP

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has unleashed a transformative wave across various sectors, creating a new phase of innovation. AI has evolved from a supportive role to a central architect of progress. In the realm of software development and coding, AI is not just a tool but a transformative force. It can become an invaluable ally to programmers as it not only expedites coding process but also enhances the overall quality of software by identifying vulnerabilities and optimizing performance. AI-backed coding can help eliminate human bias and create a more secure and resilient software. AI is constructing a future where efficiency and innovation coalesce seamlessly. In the Assurance space, AI demonstrates its indispensable role through accurate, real-time evaluations of risks and adherence to regulations, solidifying its position in upholding standards and bolstering consumer confidence.

For those in the AI field aiming to excel in this ever-changing environment, mastering a suite of skills including machine learning, data science, and algorithms is crucial, as are the interpersonal talents that foster creativity. EY Global Delivery Services (EY GDS) offers multiple educational programs and structured courses to equip its employees with knowledge in AI. These learning programs encompass varied subjects such as machine learning, advanced analytics, prompt engineering, AI for executives and business users, AI’s application in business, cloud technologies, big data, and digital evolution. We engage with online educational platforms, draw from our in-house expertise, and occasionally join forces with academic entities to present these courses. A diverse educational approach is adopted, combining online modules, interactive workshops addressing actual business issues, webinars, and certification courses. EY professionals are often inspired to maintain their proficiency in emerging AI tools and techniques through a mix of self-directed online courses and teacher-led training sessions”.

Bosch Global Delivery Services – Srinivasulu Nasam, Senior Technical Director – GenAI for Systems and Software Engineering at Bosch Global Software Technologies

“We are witnessing rapid advancements in the Technology industry, underscored by the emergence of Generative AI—a revolutionary tool fueled by massive AI models, igniting creativity and problem-solving. With its potential to expedite development processes and introduce novel concepts at unprecedented speeds, Generative AI empowers the young minds to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

As we celebrate National Technology Day, we recognize the combined impact of education, mentorship, and entrepreneurship in shaping the next generation of innovators. Education sparks curiosity, mentorship nurtures and guides innovation in right direction, and entrepreneurship empowers young minds to turn ideas into reality. At Bosch Global Software Technologies, we understand that these pillars are not only crucial for individual growth but also for cultivating a culture of innovation that shapes future. By fostering an environment that values innovation, we equip young talents with the tools they need for success. It’s crucial for us to reaffirm our dedication to cultivating the next generation of tech leaders. Through investments in education, mentorship programs, and a culture of entrepreneurship, we can unleash the full potential of emerging talent, paving the way for an innovative and progressive future.”

Anil Sethi, Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India

“With India rapidly emerging as a global tech hub and innovation powerhouse, Dell Technologies takes pride in being a part of this transformative journey towards a more self-reliant nation driven by technology. With a pool of 5 million digitally skilled workforce, national science and technology missions, and robust startup ecosystem that values emerging technologies like AI, Cybersecurity, 5G/Edge, and Quantum Computing, among others, we are truly witnessing the India’s next phase of growth in technology. New-age disruptive technology such as Generative AI, will be the key factor that will drive new possibilities in digital transformation enabling businesses to take the right decision while building customer trust.

On National Technology Day, we pledge to stress on the importance of the basics—focusing on sustainable growth and looking at building various businesses for the long haul by automating complex processes, improve customer interactions and unlock new possibilities with better machine intelligence.”

Tarun Chhabra, Country Manager, Nokia India

“National Technology Day is a celebration of innovation and contribution of the youth for driving the same. India has already positioned itself as one of the key economies in the world driven by technological innovation over the last few year. We believe that the next decade will be marked by unparalleled technological progress in AI, cloud, and connectivity presenting new opportunities for India to strengthen its foothold in the global technology landscape. At Nokia, we are actively building a global ecosystem by leveraging our innovation platforms, communities, and physical labs, where we unite partners and technologies to shape the digital services and applications of tomorrow. India plays a significant role in this journey.”

Nidhi Bhasin, CEO, Nasscom foundation

“Technology acts as an equalizer, transforming the way we live, work, and connect and plays a crucial role in empowering marginalized and underrepresented communities. In an era of rapid technological advancements, the need of upskilling and reskilling is amplified, especially for the youth. The rise of AI is transforming industries and the nature of work. However, this transformation also brings along several challenges, particularly in the context of technology adoption and the skilling gap. The youth in India often face additional challenges due to limited access to technology and training opportunities. With the advent of AI, it becomes crucial to bridge this skill gap and provide avenues for all youth to participate in the digital economy. At nasscom foundation, we are committed to empowering the youth of India with the right skills, at the right time and also promote the use of AI for social good to address critical social challenges and empower communities.

Our recent and ongoing collaborations with tech organization such as Hexart, Adobe etc. is a testimony to this commitment where the idea is to nurture the talent through tech. Our collaboration with Adobe in the AI Enablement Program is key to driving AI innovation among startups aiming to solve significant social problems. Focusing on crucial areas such as maternal and child health, education, and cancer diagnostics, the foundation not only boosts technological capabilities by improving AI models and integrating new features but also ensures these innovative solutions effectively reach and benefit the communities in greatest need. Meanwhile, our partnership with Hexagon led to the launch of HexArt in 2020—an educational initiative offering AI, machine learning, and robotics courses to school students and engineering graduates. Now in its fourth cohort, HexArt is committed to cultivating a strong talent pool, particularly among women, aligning with future technology trends and fostering community-level advancement in advanced technology skills.”

Mr. Ashish Saraf, VP and Country Director, Thales in India

“National Technology Day serves as a powerful reminder of India’s unwavering commitment to technological progress, and Thales stands proudly by its side as a trusted partner in this remarkable journey. With our global expertise, we support India’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and actively collaborate with local industry and academia to develop advanced solutions under Make in India. Our robust capabilities in Defence, Aerospace, Cybersecurity and digital identity, combined with R&D efforts in Open Hardware Research play a key role in advancing the country’s growth in these critical domains.

We nurture a highly skilled workforce, fuelling cutting-edge innovation from our engineering competence centres in Bengaluru and Noida. We firmly believe that technology holds the key to unlocking India’s boundless potential, and we tirelessly strive to drive transformative change through innovation.”

Vineet Mehta, Co-founder and CTO at Alyve Health

Celebrating Technology in Healthcare

"As India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11, we celebrate the remarkable advancements that technology has brought to the healthcare field. At Alyve Health, we are committed to harnessing the power of technology, as an online health-plan-tech platform we offer a complete health and wellness solutions to Individuals, Employers, Insurance companies, NBFCs, and other corporates to offer personalized, comprehensive, cashless, and rewarding healthcare experiences to their employees/customers. Through our platform we take care of outpatient medical care, doctor consultations, diagnostic scans, annual health check-ups, lifestyle management, habit coaching, and more. Our platform results in benefits like accessibility, efficiency and personalized recommendation basis diagnostic report, medicine suggestions basis automatic report and symptom analysis enabling endless avenues in an individual’s health. There is a growing concern surrounding the security and privacy implications associated with this paradigm shift towards digital services in the domain. Alyve Health believes and works towards ‘Zero Trust’ philosophy related to the member data. To ensure the ‘Zero Trust Data Security’ model, we proactively work and invest significant time and resources on developing effective strategies to protect privacy and maintain data integrity. Few key processes include robust encryption measures, adopting multi-factor authentication, establishing secure communication channels and training teams against cyber threats. Such initiatives coupled with globally accepted compliances like ISO 27001-2013, HIPAA etc provide robust security framework ensuring peace of mind for our members. The credit goes to our technological prowess for efficient and timely deliveries. On this day, we celebrate the power of technology to change lives and make the world a healthier place to live."