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SymanTEx: Digital Personal Assistant Services

Engaging | Intelligent | Personalized


SymanTEx: Digital Personal Assistant Services

Engaging | Intelligent | Personalized



Human-machine interaction has come a long way since the inception of interactions of humans with computers. Breaking loose from earlier clumsier attempts at speech recognition and non-relatable chatbots; we’re now focusing on perfecting what comes to us most naturally—CONVERSATION. 

Consumers today highly value quick and efficient communication and Currently available slot-filling chat-bots which are at some point of time non-relatable and frustrating at the worst.

The need of the hour for any enterprise right now is to optimize and simplify the human-machine interactions within and also for its consumers. Developing and deploying conversational solutions which can evolve with a business requires a reliable development and analytics solution that is scalable, multi-lingual, and device-independent; one that can seamlessly integrate with back-end systems and third-party applications. 


Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities & Challenges

Technological advancements along with the rising adoption of advanced electronic devices are becoming key enablers in realizing solutions for improving customer experience. Dimension Data reports, 84% of companies who focus on improving customer experience are reporting an increase in annual revenue.

In human conversations, when you interact both the parties retain the context of the entire conversation like what you were discussing from an abstract level as well.

The existing voice assistants still have mundane responses, you need to understand the technology like framing questions in a certain predetermined format, usage of predetermined or programmed keywords, etc. A simple combination of tasks like “Turn on the AC and lock the car” is still a challenge for the bots to comprehend and execute. 

Besides, present-day bots are unable to derive context or retain context from previous conversations with the same user.

Successful conversations that engage customers for longer durations require a good understanding of intent and sentiments; this can be challenging without the use of deep learning technologies and neural networks.

Service Framework



  • SymanTEx framework enables you to realize Omnichannel intelligent communication systems
  • SymanTEx framework and services also enable:
  • Add Voice Interface with a conversational touch
  • Bias the dialogues to your idiolect
  • Use the Language of your preference
  • Adopt to any Domain
  • Integrate with third-party services through REST APIs
  • Deploy it on Private/Public Clouds or Hybrid Deployment



Natural Language Understanding using proprietary Deep Learning Neural network

Context-Aware Intuitive Conversational Interface


Quick, Relatable, Personalized, and Efficient 


Multi lingual ASR and speech synthesis system

Lighter footprint ASR system optimizable to deploy on embedded platforms

Generic “Voice-Based” Framework


Robust AI models

Seamless integration with Infotainment and navigation systems to deliver complex outcomes

Benefits to the Customer

  • Human experience to any interaction
  • Digital Personal Assistant
  • Intelligent intuitive VPAs
  • Biometric vehicle access


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