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Fast-tracking RDK Adoption through ACE: The Power of Automatics

Fast-tracking RDK Adoption through ACE: The Power of Automatics

As the digital entertainment landscape evolves, operators worldwide are turning to RDK (Reference Design Kit) - an open-source software platform that facilitates the rapid deployment of next-gen video, broadband, and IoT services. However, the journey towards RDK adoption has many challenges especially on the testing side. In this blog, we will explore the RDK testing challenges and how Tata Elxsi ACE (Automatics Centre of Excellence) is fast-tracking RDK adoption.

Challenges in RDK Testing:

Embracing RDK technology brings forth several testing challenges for operators. The complexity of systems, multiple configurations, and the need for seamless functionality and reliability all demand rigorous testing procedures. Traditional manual testing methods may not be sufficient to address these challenges, as they can be time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to scale. Moreover, the industry's shift towards a fast-paced DevOps model requires more efficient and automated testing solutions.

RDK Adoption and the Role of Automatics:

Despite the challenges, RDK adoption continues to gain momentum in the industry due to its open-source nature and cost-effectiveness. To overcome the testing obstacles and expedite RDK adoption, automated testing solutions like "Automatics" have emerged as valuable assets.

Automatics is a comprehensive test automation system that supports functional and non-functional testing. It offers operators a common framework with pre-defined scripts, providers, and test utils, simplifying the testing process. By configuring test script details and strategies, manually triggering automated tests, and analysing test results, operators can achieve faster rollouts, increased efficiency, and end-to-end coverage.

Tata Elxsi ACE: Driving RDK Automation Excellence:

Recognizing the significance of automation in accelerating RDK adoption, Tata Elxsi, an RTAB member and a leading RDK SI specialist, established the "Automatics Centre of Excellence" or ACE. Tata Elxsi's expertise in integrating the Automatics framework and its services for operators makes it a vital contributor to driving RDK initiatives.

ACE Initiatives and Contributions:

  • Tata Elxsi ACE actively engages in various initiatives to bolster the adoption of Automatics and enhance the RDK ecosystem by:
  • Accelerating Open Sourcing: ACE collaborates with the RDK community to expedite open-source initiatives, encouraging wider participation and innovation.
  • Aligning Community Roadmaps: ACE fosters collaboration among stakeholders to align their roadmaps, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized development process.
  • Leading Proof of Concepts (PoC’s) and Feature Developments: As a key player, ACE leads PoC’s and contributes to the development of new features to enrich the RDK community.
  • Technical Support: ACE provides crucial technical support to operators, assisting them in adapting and installing Automatics seamlessly.

What Next ?

As ACE continues to evolve, innovative solutions are being introduced such as AI-based integration in triaging and 4-quadrant analysis for script inventory optimization. These advancements will further strengthen the power of Automatics thereby enhancing RDK testing efficiency and effectiveness.


The integration of Automatics has been a critical driver in the journey towards RDK adoption, enabling faster rollouts and increased efficiency for operators. Additionally, Automatics' commitment to promoting RDK adoption has democratized the technology, empowering operators globally. As the industry continues to evolve, ACE will remain a strong pillar supporting the successful integration of Automatics, propelling the adoption of RDK, and leading to delivering exceptional services and customer experiences.