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Publication Name: Financial
Date: June 25, 2024

Gears, Graphs and Girl Power: Engineering a Better Tomorrow

Gears, Graphs and Girl Power: Engineering a Better Tomorrow

International Women in Engineering Day on June 23

From circuit boards to sustainable solutions, women engineers are rewiring expectations and building bridges to a more inclusive tech landscape. On International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate the trailblazers who are reshaping the technological landscape. From sustainable energy solutions to cutting-edge health tech, women engineers are at the forefront of innovations that touch every aspect of our lives. This day not only honours their achievements but also spotlights the critical role diversity plays in driving progress and solving global challenges.

Priya S Kumar, General Manager and Head of Media & Communication Business at Tata Elxsi, reflects on the unique strengths women bring to engineering: “Their ability to foster cooperation, coupled with their emotional intelligence, is crucial during crises and for effective problem-solving. Women excel at managing multiple tasks efficiently, ensuring successful project outcomes and streamlined operations.”

Ms Kumar also emphasizes the inspirational role of women engineers: “Women in engineering inspire future generations, break down stereotypes, and encourage greater participation. By fostering inclusivity and balance, women are paving the way for a more equitable and promising future in our industry.”

Ashalatha Devaranjan, Principal R&D Engineer/Scientist at Honeywell Technology Solutions India, embodies the passion and dedication that women bring to engineering. She shares, “I love what I do, which is work on technologies that help make energy usage sustainable, helping our society to decarbonize. This would not be possible if I was not an engineer working on some of the toughest problems in sustainability.”

Ms Devaranjan’s journey into engineering was inspired by childhood experiences, leading to a career that now focuses on critical sustainability issues. She notes, “I have been working at Honeywell for more than a decade. I am proud to be part of a team working on green hydrogen, where women engineers outnumber men. I can thrive professionally and personally because of a company culture that nurtures talent, understands the unique challenges women face and empowers us to make career choices aligned to our personal needs.”

The tech industry is increasingly recognizing the value of diversity and is taking concrete steps to support women engineers. Ms Noopur Julka, Senior Director at UST UK, highlights these efforts: “Presently, tech companies are investing in more impactful efforts in strengthening the welfare of women engineers. Fuelled by equitable policies and comprehensive diversity strategies, these efforts are playing a vital role in reshaping the industry’s landscape for women.”

Ms Julka emphasizes the importance of upskilling programs, mentorship initiatives, and flexible work arrangements in supporting women’s career advancement. She also points out the industry’s commitment to fair compensation and recognition, noting, “This is demonstrated through the growing number of women in top leadership positions, creating a balanced and empathic workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion.”

The impact of women engineers extends far beyond the workplace. Sumitha Selvaraj, Manager of Experience Engineering at Ascendion, underscores this point: “Women engineers worldwide have revolutionized daily life. From smart homes (remote controls, voice assistants, dishwashers, security cameras) to health tech (fitness trackers, home health tests) – their innovations shape our well-being.”

As industries evolve and face unprecedented hurdles, the unique perspectives and skills that women bring to engineering have never been more vital. Their contributions are transforming workplaces, inspiring future generations, and paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative field. Through the voices of accomplished women engineers and industry leaders, we explore how they’re breaking barriers, leading change, and building a future where talent knows no gender.