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Date: May 15, 2024

Advanced Algorithms & Ml Come to The Fore in Indian Healthcare to Propel Personalized Medicine

Advanced Algorithms & Ml Come to The Fore in Indian Healthcare to Propel Personalized Medicine

Technology-led innovations are playing a crucial role in transforming India's healthcare and driving the adoption of personalized medicine. The National Technology Day on May 11 with the theme as ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,’ has seen a profusion of new-age entrepreneurs from Beato, Ekincare, HealthPlix to Niramai among others to create a wave of innovation that is gaining momentum across digital therapeutics to wearables.

Harshal Kamalakar Sawant, practice head, healthcare software services, Tata Elxsi, noted, "Integration of AI and ML into healthcare enables the nuanced analysis of vast datasets, resulting in more precise diagnoses and customised treatment plans. The emergence of telehealth marks a significant advancement, harnessing AI/ML, AR/VR/XR, gamification, and IoMT technologies for remote monitoring and real-time interactions, enhancing accessibility while reducing costs particularly vital for managing chronic conditions."

"We stand at the cusp of a healthcare transformation, driven by the power of technology in the hands of trained professionals. Artificial intelligence (AI), online video doctor consultation platforms, mobile apps, and advanced data analytics, doctors and healthcare providers gain powerful new capabilities to enhance clinical decision-making and create individualised treatment plans tailored precisely for every patient," said Enbasekar D, co-founder & CTO, MediBuddy.

"This digital revolution is enabled with applications of intelligent case triaging, remote monitoring, and the internet of medical things. The potential of multimodal AI to analyse vast datasets and surface insights will accelerate drug discovery, the development of novel therapies, and more accurate diagnoses," he added.

According to Illamathy E N, director, engineering product management, Ascendion, "The initiatives on personalized medicines like developing targeted therapies and medications tailored to individual patients' genetic profiles and disease characteristics are expected, they may come with high cost and the affordability to most patients is a big question. AI can be leveraged by the physicians to prescribe appropriate medicines thereby avoiding adverse effects and faster recovery."

“Data-driven insights too are becoming increasingly crucial for real-time patient care and drug development. The Union government’s Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA), seeks to enhance healthcare access, relieve financial burdens on vulnerable groups, and improve overall healthcare quality, all with technology and data-driven methods. Looking ahead, with technology soon becoming integral to reducing healthcare costs and aiding healthcare professionals in informed decision-making, innovations like artificial intelligence are poised to drive sustainable growth and transformative solutions in the industry,” said Harshit Jain MD, founder & global CEO, Doceree.

Arvind Vaishnav, head of clinical partnerships, growth region and Philips Innovation Campus, Bengaluru said “Advancements and innovations in technology have truly revolutionized healthcare. From state-of-the-art medical imaging systems to intelligent monitoring devices, everything is designed to enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, and optimize healthcare workflows. Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in health-tech have opened new possibilities for personalized and precision care. Utilization of big data analytics in healthcare has enabled the identification of trends and patterns that were previously difficult to uncover, leading to more informed decision-making.”

On this National Technology Day, we recognise the efforts of the engineers, researchers, and healthcare experts who continuously challenge limits and drive our pursuit of innovation, said Vaishnav.