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With the consumer at the heart of the broadcast and media industry, discover the products, platforms, user interfaces and devices that are transforming the consumer experience.
Nitin Pai highlights his favourite finds on the IBC show floor, with video and discussion explaining why they are crucial to reaching audiences.


Intelligent Experience

Video Cognition Platform
Analyze, Understand, Act

Hyper personalization

  • Rich features to cater to personalized security and surveillance requirements
  • vent-specific anomaly
  • Cabin comfort adjustments and monitoring based on user emotion and sentiments
  • Higher Revenue Generation – By monetizing archived content

  • Automated data annotation and event-specific anomaly detection
  • User-defined content curation for broadcasters
  • Automation

  • Achieve higher level of automation allowing overall increase in productivity
  • Easily adapt to new age automation drive powered by AI

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    Customer Experience Management Services
    Monitor, Manage, Automate

    Accelerated customer onboarding by automating workflows using

  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Intelligent firmware upgrades roll out
  • Hyper personalization through intuitive self-care apps

    Faster issue resolution through advanced data analytics

  • CRM portal for accelerated issue resolution remotely
  • App for assisted diagnostic service to the field technician
  • Predictive analytics for anticipating issues
  • Reduce call volumes through proactive real-time monitoring
  • Reduce Truck rolls by remotely managing and resolving issues through self-healing mechanisms
  • Generate recommendations & actionable insights usingadvanced analytics
  • Field Trials Management for faster rollouts

    Digital Platform

    A Complete IoT Platform for Operators
    Quick, Flexible and Reliable

    Launch vertical services as early as 2 months

  • Connected Car, Building Automation   Home Automation
  • Progressively roll-out new features and services
  • Service oriented architecture, DevOps delivery, Microservices-based design
  • Highly flexible micro services architecture based on Kubernetes

  • Simple on boarding and customer lifecycle management
  • Ability to ingest and process massive amounts of machine data
  • Platform supports wide choice of readily interoperable devices for operators
  • Deliver services with real time information, 99.9% uptime guaranteed

  • High availability by design, geo-redundant deployment, clustered DB
  • Made for operators IoT platform for millions of transactions
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    Localize, Deploy, Monetize

    Localized app, country specific app, multilingual voice, culturally adept

  • Push, on-demand, interactive for 100+ regions and language
  • Content discovery with voice assistance and cognitive video AI
  • Increase ROI of CAPEX in the network

  • OTT app, ad technology and payment gateway integration
  • Remote monitoring solution for customer lifecycle management
  • Faster go-to- market with the leading GMS and Widevine CAS partner

  • Early access to Android releases with dedicated OTA server
  • Ready customizable Operator Tier solution
    Deploy, Personalize, Monetize

    Reduce Time-to-Market

  • Roll out cloud-based OTT services in 4-6 weeks using Tata Elxsi Media Platform and white labelled apps
  • Common app Framework for all devices reducing dev. time
  • Improve Engagement: Use Design and AI

  • Personalized UI & content discovery
  • Cognitive video services with AI for meta-data, deeper discovery
  • Performance: QoE and QoS

  • FalconEye: 360° Automation & Monitoring of QOE/S
    • - Automate testing and reap testing OpEx benefits up-to 85%
    • - Non-intrusive predictive QoE metrics
  • Expand Market Share: launch cloud-based OTT services

  • Unified solution for DVB, IPTV, OTT
  • Launch multiple brand under one infrastructure
  • Pre-integrated Ad solutions
  • Customer Home Security Solutions
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    Network Transformation Services for Operators
    Optimize, Accelerate

    Accelerate revenue growth with greater user control

  • Enrich service orchestration and micro-services architecture
  • Customization for unified OSS/BSS based on Open API standards
  • Domain-driven design for portals, middleware, agile-CRM and apps
  • Operational Excellence

  • Test automation framework delivering up to 60% reduction in Opex
  • Simulate redundancy scenarios for pre-deployment verification
  • Multi-year OSS/ BSS maintenance with 10% y-o-y cost reduction
  • RDK-B Gateway Deployment for Operators
    Deploy, Manage, Monetize

    Increase Customers with Customized Operator managed Platform

  • Higher levels of device management and assurance
  • Multiple WAN interfaces, community Wi-Fi, self-heal
  • Faster Managed Rollouts with End-to-End Services Partner

  • Consulting, CI/ CD/ DevOps, Field Testing, Validation
  • SoC,OEM MSO components integration, Analytics, Triaging
  • Monetize with improved Customer Experience

  • Actionable insights with data automation and analytics
  • Home Security Solutions
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    AUTOMATION: Predict and Control QoE

    FalconEye QoE Measurement

    Improve customer engagement and retention, and expand their customer base

  • Elevate QoE and NPS to near maximum with automation, monitoring, triaging and proactive remediation
  • Obtain 80% or more automation at minimal cost
  • Reduce customer dissatisfiers

  • Reduce support needs up to 85% by ensuring the right configuration and working of CPE and applications
  • 90% boost in software/ device acceptance
  • Increase RoI on software delivery workflow automation, and speed up acceptance

  • Upto 50% reduction in cost per script
  • Speed up the workflow with CI, and a 30% increase in test execution
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